Soft or Firm, Foam or Spring – Our range of mattresses has all the options for a great nights sleep!

Using the third of our life spent sleeping to get deep, restful sleep is hugely important. A good night’s sleep can pay an important role in living a healthy and successful life which is why choosing the right mattress is such an important decision.

Our mattress range has been designed to fit seamlessly with your sleep electric adjustable bed base and take advantage of the latest advancements in sleep technology to deliver a great nights sleep.

Prestige Luxury Pocket Spring With Premium Topper


Premium Cool Comfort Memory Foam

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Cool Comfort Memory Foam Mattress

Sleep Electrics Cool Comfort Mattress packs all the best sleep technology in to an extremely comfy package designed specifically for the Australian climate. Our central visco-elastic memory foam core is cool, stable and supportive. It works to disperse your body’s heat, keeping you cool on hot summer nights. It’s gel injected structure also works to minimize partner disturbance for uninterrupted sleep and comfort. This strong core cushions your body, supporting hip and shoulder joints to relieve the pressure points created by a traditional mattress. This is all wrapped in a flexible, natural latex layer which dynamically conforms to your body and supports the natural alignment of the spine.


Prestige Luxury

Our Prestige Luxury Mattress is the perfect choice for those who enjoy the feel of a traditional mattress, but don’t want to suffer the aches and pains caused by their outdated design. The pocket spring core of our Prestige Luxury mattress provides the firm, sturdy base you will be familiar with. Broken into five unique zones our pocket spring base will ensure minimal partner disturbance during sleep, even for those who toss and turn throughout the night. From here we have loaded it with the latest in mattress technology to ensure you sleep in pure comfort. A memory foam layer supports the joints and removes pressure points in a way a traditional mattress simply cannot. Finally a latex topper helps keep you cool, promote circulation and give you a great nights sleep.


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