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Australia's Most Advanced Hi-Lo Adjustable Bed!

The Elite Hi-Lo is Australia's most popular electric adjustable bed. Its advanced care & mobility features make it extremely popular with healthcare professionals in the Homecare & NDIS programmes whilst its luxurious finish and creature comforts mean Australians love having it in their bedroom

Elite Hi-Lo Bed Features:

  • Hi-Lo lift with ultra-low entry
  • Trendelenburg & Reverse Trendelenburg
  • Globally recognised Okin Quality Motors
  • Vibrational Massage Therapy
  • Wireless Remote with Optional App Control
  • Available In All Sizes & Companion Configurations Button
  • AS/NZS 60601.1 certified design, quality, safety and performance
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Our Top Products

Sleep Electric has a large range of adjustable beds, hi-lo beds, recliners and speciality mattresses to choose from. Our expert team can guide you through the process of choosing the right solution for your specific needs. Simply get in touch and we can help you today. In the meantime check out our best sellers below.

Adjustable Bed

Comfort Plus
Adjustable Bed

For comfort, convenience or sleep relief with health issues adjustable beds are your perfect solution. The perfect budget-friendly bed. Independent head and foot adjustment with an easy to use corder controller


Prestige Adjustable
Massage Bed

The ideal combination of comfort, mobility and luxury. Independent head and foot adjustment with massage and wireless control

Elite Hi Lo

Elite Hi Lo Adjustable
Massage Bed

Australias most advanced bed. Independent head, foot, height and trendelenburg control with luxury lifestyle perks like massage and more

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Don't worry about the hassle of going to a high street shop. Sleep Electrics mobile showrooms operate across South Easy Queensland, Sydney & The Central Coast, Greater Melbourne and Rural Victoria, Adelaide and Western Australia.

With our Mobile showroom you can:

  • See a range of adjustable beds & mattresses without having to leave home
  • Benefit from a one on one consultation with our expert team
  • Get all your questions answered outside of a pushy retail sales environment
  • Let our team help assess your home environment & life cirucmstances to provide tailored recommendations
  • Enjoy peace of mind knowing you have been able to make an informed decision about the best product for you
Adjustable Bed

Health Practitioners

We work closely with Occupational Therapists and Health Providers across Australia, assisting in positive client outcomes.

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Back Pain

Back Pain

Lift your back & Raise your legs to relieve pressure on your spine



Elevate your upper body to support open airways and unrestricted breathing



Elevating your upper body helps promote digestion and prevent acid re-entering your oesophagus



Elevating your legs above your heart limits fluid retention and promotes better circulation



A combination of vibrational massage and zero gravity can help reduce pain in joints

Sleep Apnoea

Sleep Apnoea

Elevating your upper body while sleeping keeps your airways open and unobstructed

Stress & Anxiety

Stress & Anxiety

Use our relaxing vibrational massage therapy to calm your nerves and promote stress relief

High Blood Pressure

High Blood

Properly positioning your limbs in elation to your heart can promote better blood flow

Poor Posture

Poor Posture

Upper body and leg adjustments to support the proper alignment of your spine promotes better posture

Injury Recovery

Injury Recover

Taking pressure of injured body parts and properly supporting them speeds recovery



Being able to find a pain free sleep position allows you to get longer periods of sleep

Partner Disturbance


A split adjustable bed will allow you to share the bed while sleeping completely independently

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