Comfort Plus HI LO High Care Adjustable Bed


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Sometimes our health means that a traditional flat bed is neither practical nor safe. Previously, you would have to go out and buy a clunky old hospital style bed.
Sleep Electrics mobility plus range of Hi-Lo beds make this a thing of the past. Hospital Grade, Modern style Finished in the same modern style of all our bands – our Hi-Lo Comfort Plus electric bed can easily sit alongside your partners bed to minimise disruption to your life. Our Hi-Lo beds make getting in and out of bed that little bit easier.

If a traditional bed isn’t suitable for you, often you choices can be quite limited. Most Hi-Lo beds are designed with the hospital in mind so are often clunky, ugly and uncomfortable. Our Hi-lo beds give you a perfect, affordable alternative.

Our Hi-Lo beds make getting in and out of bed that little bit easier. Designed to look like an ordinary mattress and base, it has all the features of a hospital bed without the hospital look.

Comfort plus electric Bed Features:

  • Whisper quiet low voltage DC lift system
  • Hospital grade lockable castors
  • Raise/lower entire bed up to 65cm
  • Heavy duty 180kg lifting power battery back up
  • Single ergonomic handpiece at fingertips for all controls and adjustable comfort
  • Powder coated steel
  • Battery back up included
  • Independant head and foot lift
  • Safe & Secure.

    With a Solid steel base our beds are built to support any body size. They also have an anti-crush design to ensure your safety.

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